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Clin d’Oeil Article: Hair Protection from the Sun

Tour de tête

(article translated from French)

If we are more and more conscious about protecting our skin from the sun, we often still tend to neglect our hair. Serious mistake!

“UV rays create an erosion of the hydrolipidic film that protects our hair from aggressive factors such as free radicals, salt and chlorine. When it is empeded, this natural protection makes the scales of our hair more vulnerable, which can ultimately lead to a loss of keratin and cause a break in the fiber,” says Yannick Brisebois, co-owner of U Salon Boutique, in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville.

Yannick Brisebois adds: “We often associate solar products with holidays, but UV filters should be applied throughout the summer season to preserve the color and health of the hair!”





  • U Salon protection solaireWant to lighten up your colour with the sunny weather? It is crucial to treat hair fiber during bleaching with an additive that protects the hair’s cystine bridges, such as LaBiosthétique PCC.
  • If you plan to swim, cover your locks with Protective Summer Oil KPF 50+, by René Furterer. In addition to protecting and nourishing your hair, it gives a more trendy wet look!
  • The first reflex to adopt after a day of swimming? Remove salt or chlorine from the hair with a repairing shampoo to stop erosion and drying out. Then rehydrate hair fiber with a nourishing mask.




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February 22, 2018

Elle Québec talks about U

 March 2018 (French article)

Elle Quebec article

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A case study by Gaz Métro

Article published on Gaz Métro website:

U Salon Boutique

After their former premises were engulfed in flames, associates at U Salon Boutique rose from the ashes with a new brand image, a reimagined customer experience and more efficient energy choices.


USalon-exterA brand new image

Many businesses are decimated by fire, but when Tristan Charbonneau, François Charbonneau and Yanick Brisebois lost their beauty salon in 2014, it was more of a crystallizing experience. After making-do in borrowed space for a few months, they joined forces to create a whole new kind of salon in Saint-Bruno.

“We changed our name and our logo and created an integrated experience that tends to every aspect of our clients’ visit,” said Tristan Charbonneau. The new salon includes a shop, a café and a spa—all under the umbrella of the letter “U” to symbolize unity and uniqueness.


U Salon Boutique received $4,700 in grants.

U Salon Boutique saved 30% compared to using electricity.


Space, hot water and dry towels

With 40 employees and 800 clients a week all moving through a 2,400 square-foot area, U Salon Boutique had no choice but to opt for natural gas. “Our gas consumption costs less than oil or electricity and the equipment takes up less space… and that’s a good thing because we pay per square foot!” said Tristan Charbonneau.

Sylvain Lamy, a Gaz Métro Authorized Partner, installed a water hot heater, a furnace and two dryers in the salon with the support of a $4,700 grant. Now U Salon Boutique has become more effective and more economical. “Hot water flows and towels dry twice as fast. Those are two big advantages for a hair salon,” Charbonneau concludes.



“Our competitors are probably pulling out their hair without natural gas.”
– Tristan Charbonneau, associate, U Salon Boutique


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Our grand opening


On Octobre 4, 2015, U SALON celebrated its grand opening officially. The red carpet welcomed our clients and guests for an afternoon of celebrations.



The associates were present to describe the U Expertise at each work station. Here, Yannick Brisebois explains the U Boutique concept and presents the numerous brands offered.


Clodine Desrochers animated the day with panache.


A big marquee welcomed the guests with bubbly, prize draws…
and a lot of fun!



A very successful day indeed!

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