Karolane Brisson


For 1 year



Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) in hairdressing, men’s haircut training, curly hair training. On a more personal note, I was a contestant on the 2020 TV show “La voix” and made it to the quarter-finals.


My inspiration:

I like to take inspiration from current fashions and trends. Whether it’s hair or clothes, I like to create harmony in my clients’ styles.


I stand out for:

My constant desire to learn and evolve in the profession.

I like things to be calculated and precise, and that’s what I try to incorporate into my work.


My favorite products:

Curl control mousse, Curl Protect & style, Volumising lotion.


Celebrities who inspire me:

Albert Einstein, Because he was a man with his own vision, he was able to change the world and leave his mark on future generations.

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