Free Personalized Hair Diagnosis

An exclusive method of care and massage for the health of the scalp

The purpose of hair care is to improve the quality and health of the scalp and hair which are so often prone to stress, disease, as well as hormonal, environmental, nutritional and chemical abuse. A visit to U Spa  offers a personalized diagnosis and unique expertise that improves the quality and duration of hair colour while highlighting your hairdresser’s cut and styling.

By listening to the unique needs of each client, we determine the perfect care that is adapted to their hair and  lifestyle. And by creating a synergistic experience through each of our services, we can deliver visible and sustainable results. The correct choice of shampoo and conditioner, of thermo-protective care and of the right styling product all result from a good diagnosis. The first step for a capillary transformation begins with your personalized diagnosis.

carolle gagnonThis personalized hair diagnosis includes:

  • A free 30-minute consultation by Carolle Gagnon, our U Hair Care Specialist, who will ask you the right questions to make a full diagnosis.
  • A visual examination of the hair and scalp with a capilloscope (allows to see under the microscope the state of your scalp).
  • Treatment suggestions based on examination results.




You could win!…

Each free consultation entitles you to a participation in the contest “A Relaxing Day at Spa Balnea”. Ask for all the details at the salon!

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