François Charbonneau


François Charbonneau’s accomplishments cannot be discussed without talking about his inspiration and what sets him apart: his expertise, his boundless creativity, his visionary side, his passion and customer focus.



For over twenty-five years, François has continued to innovate and to create for women’s greatest satisfaction. He has earned an enviable reputation and has recognition internationally.



Several design projects, several collaborations with prestigious brands, several collections’ creations.



Openness about life, about people and their well-being is the source of his motivation. It is also the passion to create and to offer his clients a look that highlights their personality.


I stand out by…

A deep knowledge of hair, the ability to deal with all of its properties: density, texture, hairline. A control that enables me to creates a unique, current style. A customization that reveals every woman’s beauty.


Celebrities that inspire me:

Céline Dion; her work, her talent, her perseverance.

Bono U2; his difference.

Corno (painter); her boldness and creativity.

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